Short diabetes story of an anonymous person

At the beginning of this journey, I was obese, had high fasting blood sugar, high blood pressure, a high resting heart rate and very low energy. I began my exercise program. Not because I thought that was a good idea, but because I couldn’t do any more.

Over the first two years, my fasting blood glucose level slowly and linearly dropped 35 points along with a 45 pound slow drop in my weight. After another year my fasting glucose level had fallen another 20 points and my weight another 20 pounds. Then I bought a far-infrared sauna. A temperature above 42 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes will activate HSF-1 (and burn 200 calories). I also learned I was low in testosterone and began supplementation with bio-identical testosterone. The result was that after three months my fasting glucose suddenly dropped to the low 80s and I was out of the diabetes woods – I considered myself cured. Other symptoms of diabetes are slowly disappearing. My father and grandfather both had and died of diabetes, both at about my age – one younger, one older. There is no doubt in my mind that diabetes is accelerated aging. In every way, the clock has reversed for me. Jack LaLane was the first to recommend aerobic exercise and weight training for seniors. He has said that exercise and clean eating are the key to a long healthy life and at 95, he and his wife were living proof of that claim.

Now, here is something to think about. Chronic ER Stress can occur in any organ or in many at the same time. Depending on which organs are affected, different symptoms will appear. Diseases are a collection of symptoms, so chronic ER Stress can lead to many seemingly different diseases. But all might be manifestations of the same disease process.

Like many diabetics, I also had cardio-vascular disease (CVD). My blood pressure taken via my right arm was 15 points lower than my blood pressure taken with my left arm. During the five years described above, my blood pressure went from 185/120 with resting heart rate of 109 to 106/68 with a resting heart rate of 67, and my blood pressure is now the same for both arms. It was actually my third collapse from heart problems that got me started on this road.

Why does it take a near-death experience to get people moving? I don’t know, but I was lucky that it was only “near”.

I do believe, based on the number of stated causes for CVD that it, too, results from chronic ER stress from multiple sources such as inflammatory cytokines, oxidized fats, viral and bacterial infections, environmental toxins and much more. Energy is necessary to heal the body and to make it function properly. It doesn’t matter what function you are talking about, they all require energy and optimizing energy production is key in any recovery and to living a long, healthy life. The more energy you have, the bigger the insult to the body you can survive. Eating right, keeping your body in balance and exercising hard are together the key to keeping your energy levels high.

I don’t know who said it, but “Death is when you stop moving”. It sounds like something Jack LaLane probably said or wished he had.

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