Natural Herbal Remedies and Supplements Guide for better Health and Blood Sugar Control

Are herbs really as healthy as people claim them to be?

Herbs are plants that have always been used to treat disease states. Knowledge about medicinal plants are continuously transmitted from generation to generation, while the latter is also continuously updated.
There’s more to herbs than needs the eye

It is true that a lot of knowledge of medicinal plants through generations also distorted and distorted. A lot more than the transfer of knowledge, I find it fascinating idea where some our ancestors acquired this knowledge and where to go is actually the beginnings of the use of medicinal plants. The latter answer will probably never get.

It is interesting to themselves the fact that folk medicine that is used for the treatment of medicinal plants, knowledge about them is not acquired in different laboratories, as we do today, the latter is obtained by using everyday use. Thus, sometimes the discovery of some medicinal properties also need a whole century. When using herbs to help the people from turning to nature, also occurred in various superstitions, the latter is most notably in the Middle Ages, but only in the treatment of medicinal plants throw a bad light.

Active substances in herbs

Among the superstitions can be found opinion on the fact that most of the active substances in plants of the new moon, it is necessary around the plants before they dig draw a circle that you should collect medicinal plants in the Midsummer Night, and much more. The latter are only beliefs and superstitions that have no fundamental or concrete bases that prove their authenticity. People eventually realized that the latter is nonsense and belief in superstitions was eventually supplanted common sense.
Our ancestors knew!

Despite the fact that our ancestors already thousands of years ago knew how much healing can plants provide, modern medicine will definitely need quite a few centuries to fully explore their function and meaning. All the efforts of scientists go towards the detection levels of medicinal plants, which could contribute to the improvement of existing drugs.

It is interesting to be able to adhere to medicinal plants, without any synthetic or any chemical ingredients and additives do wonders. You could say that it is the nature of our best doctor.

For medicinal plants are considered to be even today in many places the only domestic medicine and constitute the so-called local pharmacy. People still appreciate herbs that loves many drug effectively eliminate the symptoms of the disease and help people recover faster. It is also true that in recent years due to the significant progress made by the pharmaceutical industry interest in medicinal plants somewhat died.

There are many children and adolescents who do not know even the basic herbs, let alone to be educated about their operation and use. Also, due to the latter, I believe that our system should take a step forward and to educate young people about harmony with nature and the latter is what we offer. I’m sure people would be much healthier in so far as in his life include medicinal plants, especially if they were familiar with their proper use. See more.

On the books and manuals on medicinal plants has been gathering dust in many places and it would be helpful to remove the latter, read them, you via the internet and lectures gain knowledge and medicinal plants that return value for which the experiences and findings of science, we know that you actually have.

Home »Aurora planet” is intended not only the presentation of medicinal plants, but also their use. We must be aware that it takes all the medicinal plants accumulate carefully, at the same time protecting nature, you appreciate and collect only those plants that you actually know. Listen to nature and allow her to show us all their wealth, which is reflected in thousands of a variety of shades.

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