A breaking point in diabetic’s life

Diabetes is not one of those “Get it & forget it” Diseases (although what chronic disease is.) You never forget the day you were diagnosed (Christmas Eve is even more memorable for me now than before life with Diabetes) and you never forget those moments or events that never let you forget that Diabetes is part of your life.

Low blood sugar levels

I will have to say, of all the blogs that I have read and the scary experiences I have heard the tales of, the most consistent variable in all of them is low blood sugar. Blood pressure is also an important factor.

Low blood sugars seem to have the strongest mark on these stories. The thing that amazes me the most when I read and hear these stories is what was their blood sugar breaking point. What was that magic number that threw everything into a tailspin.

I guess what shocks and scares me the most is to hear how high these blood sugar reading are that completely convert the person into a state of “vegetation” for lack of a better word. I here of blood sugar readings in the 60’s and 50’s causing my fellow Diabetics unravel and/or to be unable to perform the most basic functions. When I read and hear about these stories, it makes me wonder, “why am I different?”.

You see, for me if I have a blood sugar in the 60’s I would be hard pressed to tell you if I was low unless I had tested and seen the reading. Even a number in the 50s gives me little to no worry because I could be working on 3 projects at work, talking on the phone and checking email without flinching.


I may know that I am getting low but I know that I could grab a quick pick me up while juggling everything else and not miss a step. For me, I am not sure if this is something that I should be alarmed about or just fortunate that my range of ”functional blood sugar” is wider than many of my fellow Diabetics.

I really can’t say why I am so high functioning at lower blood sugars compared to others I read about but I do know it doesn’t scare me to have a blood sugar of 50 and that in itself is a little scary.

I don’t know if I, or anyone, will be able to answer this question for me and I guess I am not all that worried if I never know. I don’t know if being a high functioning Diabetic when it comes to low blood sugars has made me more accepting of my Diabetes. What I do know is that I will never let Diabetes dictate what I can do, can’t do or mold who I am. I am the one who is control.

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